Dungarpur Mews

Dungarpur mews —  this is a old heritage building built by my great-grandfather Maharawal Bijai Singhji between 1910 to 1914. It was used initially to stable his horses and carriages and then my grandfather
extended it to make it a huge garage in the 1930 to 35 period , it can accommodate about 40 cars .

We have some old carriages used in the pre-independence era but they require restoration and also some old cannons from uk.

Form the 19th century and two are double carriage cannons which are quite rare .We also have an old steam road-roller of 1910 from marshall and sons – uk.Amongst the cars we have an very rare austrian car – the Steyr Daimler 220 – 1936 which is a two door cabriolet .

The only car in india and maybe only half a dozen in the world i think but would be interesting to find out how many survive .

We have a 47- packard , 51- chevy pick-up , 1942 Willys Jeep , 1939 fiat 7 seater saloon , Sl 380 1885 and Sl-320 of 1994 , Jaguar XJS 1985, a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, to name a few cars in the dungarpur mews . We also have a couple of BMW motorcycles during the first world war Maharawal Bijai Singhji donated two DH- 5 aicraft to the british royal air force .

Uunfortunately both the aircraft crashed and there is no original DH-5 aircraft now in the world . A flyable model was made by an american and is now presently in a aircraft museum in newzealand .

We have made a scaled down model of the DH- 5 and is housed in dungarpur mews and the only second model of its type in the whole world .

The mews has a nice bar with music and a few surprises for the guests which is a secret !! a great place to party with the cars and other modes of transport .- the garage is full of automobile memrobilia and tha auto buffs will enjoy it.